[URGENT] Sesame stopped working


My sesame stopped working around 8:40pm tonight, and 10minutes before that it worked. Battery level was at 43% but I tried a new set just in case but with no luck. I also tried taking out batteries and waiting for 5min but still it works like that video. It seems like motor is busted or something. We have physical keys but not enough for all family members who rely on sesame. Please help!!



We’re really sorry about the issue you encountered with Sesame! We have emailed you instructions for processing your replacement, please take a look. Thanks! - CANDY HOUSE



Thanks for the prompt service and I got the new sesame. I returned old/defective unit, but without removing it from the app first. Now I don’t have the previous sesame but it’s still on my account and I cannot get rid of it. Nor from the wifi module. Is there a way to force remove sesame unit without bluetooth connection?




You don’t need a Bluetooth connection to delete your Sesame! Go to Status > Lock Settings > Remove This Sesame and it should be deleted. Try logging out and back in if it doesn’t disappear from your account. If you’re still having issues, let us know what nickname your Sesame has and we’ll take care of it. Thanks! - CANDY HOUSE



Oh funny it worked this time. It gave me error or I need to be connected warning. Thanks