Sesame iOS App Beta Program


I did that, and did it again but not getting any response. Hmm…



@esung Have you received an invitation to Sesame & Virtual Station yet? If not, write an email to with your Apple ID and we’ll re-send the invitations manually. Thanks! - CANDY HOUSE



Mode of connection icon that shows up next to your sesame name (either bluetooth or wifi icon) is in light grey color, which makes it look like it’s dimmed and unavailable. Making it a solid color would make it look less confusing, especially when you use it remotely away from home. Status page uses grey color for disconnected and blue for connected, so you should make it consistent.


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I eventually got the invitation thanks.



Just some Ui recommendation.

I have two sesame,s one for front and one for back door.

I would like to see the implmentation of the following:

  1. The ability to swipe left and right to switch between different sesames.

  2. The ability to change the background color for each sesame. Need better visual cue. I already have a few situation where I have unlocked the wrong sesame.

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Thanks for the suggestion, we’ve added it to our list of feature requests! - CANDY HOUSE



I am participating in the beta for the Virtual Station, and it looks like the beta will expire in another 2 weeks. Is there a new version of the software to be released soon to extend the beta another 90 days? I am waiting for the arrival of my WiFi beta hotspot device, but in the interim I am relying on the virtual station app.



Thanks for asking! We will definitely be extending the testing period so you can continue to use Virtual Station. We’re currently working on the Wi-Fi Access Point so there won’t be an update to Virtual Station immediately, but we do have plans to keep Virtual Station available indefinitely and will start working on new features after the Wi-Fi Access Point is complete! - CANDY HOUSE



Excellent to hear (about extending VS Beta)! Is the plan that you will release a new release (even if just bumping the version #) in the next week or so to extend the beta cycle another 90 days? I think without it the app will stop running.



Yes, the build number will be bumped up to 0.90 (32) and there may be some minor tweaks, and this will effectively extend the beta for another 90 days. We will make sure there isn’t a gap so you can continue using Virtual Station. Hope that helps! - CANDY HOUSE



I’m getting an error message “Failed to add guest”.
I tried deleting a guest to add a new one thinking I had hit the limit but doesn’t seem to be the case.

Lock Firmware is 2017-6-2
App version is 1.14(3)

Anyone else with this issue?



Sorry to hear it! This may be due to a bonding issue. Please go to your Bluetooth menu, select Sesame, click the blue (i), click “Forget This Device,” then return to the Sesame app and allow your phone to pair with Sesame again. This should fix the issue and allow you to add guests again. Let us know if you still can’t add guests after following these steps. Thanks! - CANDY HOUSE



I have a virtual station and IFTTT setup which has worked for months, however, now I am running into issues. The applet runs but the lock never responds. I know the virtual station is working since I can access it with my iPhone and it works the lock. Just IFTTT stopped working. This is a very important feature for me, can you please update ?



My virtual station has also stopped responding to API commands. I’ve tried resetting the Bluetooth pairing as well. From the API logs, the server accepts the command but it is never sent down to the Sesame.



Everyone is having this @toby including @shaikhtalhaanwar, myself, @Zelik. The API is dead, and nobody from @cim has any update for days on end. Good luck.

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This might caused by Virtual Station, if it is, please delete the Sesame app and reinstall it again. This will solve the problem. Thank you.



We are investigating on it and fixing now :slight_smile:



Excellent news, @jerming thanks!


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I can’t conect by wifi acces poit. The app only say sesame found all the time any suggestions?