Not receiving lock/unlock notifications (iOS 11.4.1)


Notifications to my iPhone X have stopped from my WiFi connect sesame lock (gen1). They all notifications are no longer working properly. Is something wrong with the notification service?

Notification received on iPhone & Apple Watch

Scenario 1: Manual Turn Lock
Notifications received: Lock Manually Unlocked & Lock Manually Locked

Scenario 2: CANDY House Dashboard Beta
Notifications received: Is Locked by Dashboard and is Unlocked by Dashboard

Scenario 3: Unlock/Lock from iPhone Sesame App
Notifications are NOT received for unlock or lock
Setting in APP have notification turned ON
Note: This was working but just stopped and no notifications are received.

Scenario 3: Unlock from Apple Watch Series 2 (WatchOS 4.3.2)
Notifications are NOT received for unlock or lock

Sesame Lock Firmware: 2018-05-28
Sesame WiFi module Firmware: v.4
Cloud Integration: Enabled
iOS Notifications: Enabled for Sesame App
App History: Is capture each lock/unlock event w/ date/timestamp

Troubleshooting Steps Taken:

  • Unpaired Sesame lock & WiFi Module per instructions - No change to notification behavior
  • Uninstalled sesame app, reboot iPhone, re-installed Sesame app - No change to notification behavior
  • Installed Sesame App on iPad - No change to notification behavior
  • Removed batteries from Sesame lock - No change to notification behavior
  • Reset WiFi Module with PIN - No change to notification behavior
  • Unpaired Lock & WiFi Module and installed Sesame App - No change to notification behavior

Any assistance/help/guidance for resolving the iPhone app notification issue when the door is locked and unlocked via Sesame iPhone App will be much appreciated.



Thanks so much for the detailed issue report! It’s a thing of beauty and it’d definitely make our jobs a lot easier if everyone reported issues this way. :wink: Thanks for including all relevant information so we can determine the issue!

The reason you’re not receiving notifications for Scenarios 3&4 is because notifications are NOT triggered for actions taken from your own account. If you are using your own Sesame account to lock/unlock Sesame on iPhone and Apple Watch, no notifications will be triggered. However, if a guest or manager locks/unlocks Sesame from iPhone or Apple Watch, you will receive notifications for actions they took. Please let us know if guest/manager notifications are not showing up for you so we can check it out.

Hope our explanation helps, and please let us know if you have any further questions for us! - CANDY HOUSE



OMG, what a royal customer.
Thanks for helping us so much.
@Phil, your iOS app is still 1.37(2) on App Store.
Please join our Apple TestFlight Program to enjoy 1.38(16) or later.
The issue has been fixed in the TestFlight version.



I have also stopped getting notifications.
All notifications. Even from manual locking.

Phil is yourself doing this also?

iPhone X also here.



Sorry to hear it! That shouldn’t be happening and we’d be very interested in getting this issue resolved. Can you try toggling the notifications off and back on and let us know if that solves the issue? If you’re still not receiving notifications after doing so, we’ll follow up with our devs and figure out what’s going on. Thanks! - CANDY HOUSE

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That did it!
It was definitely on, but toggling it off and on has fixed it. Thanks!



Awesome, glad to hear it! We appreciate the update and will ask our devs to check out the issue to make sure it doesn’t happen again. Thanks and let us know if you have any further questions or feedback! - CANDY HOUSE