Missing guest access times


In this latest build, the guest list does not include times and days of accessibility as did prior builds. Guest just show name and email address. How do I change what days and times they can access the lock. Please put back that feature



Thanks for your feedback! We have temporarily removed the Permitted Times page from the latest beta Sesame build as we’re currently redesigning the UI. Here are a few ideas we are working with to improve the process of setting access times and dates:

Please stay tuned while we work to implement the new UI! In the meantime, if you’d still like to use this feature, please downgrade to a previous build. We apologize for the inconvenience, and thanks again for your feedback, we really appreciate it! - CANDY HOUSE



While you’re redoing the UI for guest times and days for access, how about being able to temporarily shut off their access without having to remove them from the guest list, or changing what’s already been scheduled. Something like a toggle switch to decline access until turned back on?


Feature Requests

Thanks for your feedback! It was already possible to edit existing permitted times on the old UI, and we don’t foresee removing that feature. However, we will add “toggle to decline guest access” to our Feature Requests list so our devs can take it into consideration. Thanks! - CANDY HOUSE