I moved to a new apartment and can't find how to update my home location in the app!


Whenever I bike past my old apartment, I get a notification that my lock is “ready to unlock”, because the app is still tied to my old GPS location. Within the app I can’t find a way to change my home location! Am I just missing something? Is there a way to reset this?



To change the location of your Sesame, repeat the steps for setting up Auto-Unlock by first unchecking Auto-Unlock and then checking it again.

Steps: go to Account Settings, scroll down to “Knock & Auto-Unlock”, then un-check and re-check the Auto-Unlock option. This should cause the “Set the location” screen to appear, and you’ll be able to select a new location. Once you’ve moved the pin to your new location, click “Check this location” and you should receive a “Location successfully updated” message.

Tutorial with screenshots: “How do I set up Auto-Unlock”

Hope that helps! -CANDY HOUSE



Thanks, I had tried that initially but it didn’t ask for my location again. I was able to fix it with the following steps:

  • Uncheck both checkboxes and turn off the switch under “knock & auto-unlock”
  • Close the account screen by tapping the X
  • Force quit the app
  • Re-launch the app and configure the settings again, and now it will re-prompt for the location

This is kind of an awkward experience, I would suggest adding a button to change the location of the lock.

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Thanks for the feedback! We apologize for the error in our previous response. Both the Knock and Auto-Unlock checkmarks need to be cleared for a new check to trigger the location prompt. If you un-check and re-check one feature while the other is still checked, the location prompt will not appear, but it should work if you clear both checkmarks first, then re-check one feature. We apologize for the lack of clarity regarding this detail in our instructions!

Can you try the above and let us know if the location prompt appears, or if you still need to force-quit to get the location page? We’d like to make sure that the app is working as intended, and a force-quit should not be required to trigger the location prompt if both have been un-checked.

Thanks again for your feedback, we understand that the process isn’t very clear and we will certainly take your experience into consideration so we can continue to improve user experience with Sesame. Thank you! - CANDY HOUSE



Thanks for the tip! I tried again, and confirmed that un-checking both checkboxes then checking one of them prompts for the location again. I thought I had tried that the first time, but I guess not! I would still recommend making the change location feature more explicit in the UI, to avoid this confusion in the future. Thanks!



Great, thanks for your help! We will definitely pass your feedback to the devs so they can take it into consideration. Thanks again! - CANDY HOUSE