GUIDE: How to I register a new Sesame smart lock?


If you are the owner, here ↓ is a video tutorial :slight_smile:

To share Sesame with guests, please see here ↓


"No Sesame Found" - Unable to detect Sesame when installing
My guests tried pairing with my Sesame, and they could not discover it
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I receive and install ok then I found the lock and unlock is not set very correct, so I try to delete the device and remove all process, then I reboot my iphone iOS 10.1.

Then it cannot detach and search my sesame lock, I try many times, and the sticker also ruin. Stressful, please help and how to do it.



Hi @fannytsai

I see that your problem is: you cannot find the Sesame in the app

In order to fix this issue, please:
(1) Manually reset your Sesame: GUIDE: How do I reset my Sesame manually?

(2) remove/unregister Sesame from the app: GUIDE: How do I remove or unregister Sesame from my app?

** note: For iOS users, please make sure you clear Bluetooth cache on iOS

Let me know if you the issue is unsolved. thank you.