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It’s still not working for me. When I unlock the door via the API commands, it still shows “is_unlocked” as false



It is somewhat better as it returns an unlocked state sometimes. When I use the Sesame app to lock the door, or if I manually turn the knob it is not updating still though.

Let me know if I can do anything to help. It looks like this is working fine in the Sesame app itself, could we just expose that state in the API?



@toby @brendan Oops, only the lock/unlock via app bug was fixed. Lock/unlock via API should be fixed now as well. We’ve noticed that there is a 10-30s delay for manual lock/unlock actions to get updated, and we’ll be working on shortening the delay. Please let us know if you’re still experiencing issues - it’s important to us to get the bugs fixed and we really appreciate your feedback! - CANDY HOUSE



@cim @jerming That’s great! I look forward to trying it out tomorrow.

One more piece of feedback for the API. Can we get one more attribute in the status that says wether the Sesame is currently connected via Virtual Station or WiFi? Or wether it has recently etc?

It would be great to show an error or message instead of a “stale” lock state.

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@brendan I assumed api_enabled would update in real time to cover this. Should the API differentiate between Virtual Station/AP presence and Sesame presence? (The end result is the same if one isn’t connected, though the corrective action is different).


Feature Requests

It seems api_enabled returns true if the cloud switch is turned on for the Sesame. It stays on even if the the Sesame is not currently connected to the Internet.

Would be nice if there was a separate one like currently_connected or last_seen

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Any update on this?

I’d like to use this feature to mark a specific Sesame as unreachable when it’s Virtual Station is not running or crashes.



Thanks for following up! We will add this to our list of feature requests so our devs are aware there’s a demand for this feature. - CANDY HOUSE



Hello everyone. I have installed Virtual Station to my ios phone. VS have connected to Sesame lock. The problem is that sesame device receives lock and unlock signal with delay(about 30 seconds). Also sometimes Sesame device doesn’t receive the signal from API. API doesn’t return any errors, and return status 204. Also when VS disabled we don’t get any errors from API(I mean get request for getting sesames and post to control sesame device)



Thanks for the feedback! We’re addressed the 30-second delay in this thread.

Virtual Station can only support one connection at a time, similarly to Sesame. If your app is connected to Virtual Station, it may be blocking your API client from connecting to Virtual Station and passing the command. Try force-closing your Sesame app in this case and see if the speed improves.

Other possibilities include:

  1. Virtual Station needs to re-establish connection with Sesame
  2. Virtual Station is busy uploading logs to server, resulting in delay
  3. Heavy load on server

Please let us know if force-closing the Sesame app reduces the delay. If not, we’ll take another look to see what may be causing the issue. Thanks!

Regarding the issue with Sesame and VS not receiving signal from API but no error code being returned, the API currently only checks for successful request from client to API, and doesn’t check for VS or Sesame connection. Others in this thread have also requested statuses denoting connection to VS and connection to Sesame, and we will be looking at adding these features to the API. Hope that helps, and thank you again for your suggestions and feedback! - CANDY HOUSE



thank you, but it didn’t help. Sometimes delay is 5 seconds and but sometime 30+ seconds.



Thanks for the feedback, we will let our devs know and update you if we have any new information! - CANDY HOUSE



Hello, does Sesame Api have callback functionality when sesame device change position from lock to unlock and vice versa?



Thanks for your feedback. We don’t currently have callback functionality for the API, but we are working on it! We’ll post an update when this feature is available. Thanks! - CANDY HOUSE



Hello! I’m having a similar issue to some others above where the lock status isn’t reflected properly in the API. Specifically it seems to be related to Auto-Lock.

Setup: Sesame running 2017-6-2 firmware. Virtual Station 0.90 (31) on iPod touch within range and app in foreground.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Enable Auto-Lock on a Sesame
  2. Unlock that Sesame with the API
  3. Check the Status (it will have is_unlocked = true)
  4. Wait for Auto-Lock interval + 5 minutes
  5. Check the Status after the lock has re-locked automatically.

Expected: The is_unlocked property is false
Actual: The is_unlocked property remains true.

Note: It is set back to false properly if you open up the Sesame app on a device and unlock / re-lock. It also sometimes updates to the proper value by just opening the Sesame app.

Let me know if I can help provide any other info!



Thanks for the feedback and detailed information on the issue! It sounds like an issue with Virtual Station not updating the lock status to the server. We will pass your information to our devs so they can determine where the issue is and hopefully fix it in an upcoming update. Thanks so much for report, we really appreciate it! - CANDY HOUSE



Hey guys,
I know you are very busy trying to get the wifi access points out, but there are still a few lingering issues with the API:

API Delay - this has been varying for me from anywhere between 5 seconds to almost a minute. The delay is getting so bad that I’m almost ready to abandon the API all together, even thought I wrote and published a SmartThings integration for it.

Manual status update - Manually locking / unlocking has never updated the API status for me. I know you said it could take several minutes but even after leaving the door unlocked for a half hour, it still shows locked in the API. This is a major downfall as it leads you to not trust Sesame.

Edit: I’m starting to think the delay issue is related to the Virtual Station. Over time it seams to slow down, but restarting the Virtual Station / iphone will sometimes temporarily get things back to normal. Maybe some type of memory leak in the app?



Thanks for the feedback! We are aware of these issues and will also pass your notes to our devs, but (as you’ve pointed out) our number one priority is currently the Wi-Fi Access Point. The issues you’ve pointed out do seem to be related to Virtual Station and hopefully will not persist with the Wi-Fi Access Point. We understand it’s frustrating for the API not to work as expected, and we will be working hard to make sure the experience is much smoother with the Wi-Fi Access Point.

Thanks again for using our API and for understanding that all of our resources are going to the Wi-Fi Access Point at the moment. If you’re not already a Wi-Fi Access Point beta tester, please let us know if you would be interested in getting added to the list!

Also, would you be willing to allow us to post your SmartTings integration on our Developer Site? We would love to make this available to other Sesame users as well. If so, please message or email us the link for your integration, preferred attribution, and a personal web/social media link (if desired). Thank you so much! - CANDY HOUSE



Furthering my belief that the Virtual Station is the cause of the delay, I now have a way to reproduce the issue. Is there a way I can gather or send any type of logs to CandyHouse? If you send multiple commands to Sesame in a quick succession (~30 seconds apart) the Virtual Station locks up and stops sending any further commands. Eventualy it will slowly start working again but with a huge lag. The only fix that I found is to power off the Virtual Station, force close the app and re-launch.

I hope that you will look into this issue on the Virtual Station and not just abandon it for the Access Point, as I have no interest in purchasing it, giving all the issues and delays

I would love to publish this here and on other Home Automation forms that I am a member of, but without having a fix for the manual lock/unlock status, I had to implement a hack to make it work. Once you resolve the manual lock/unlock status, I’ll be more than happy to share it with everyone.



Thanks for the feedback. We are aware that there is a delay when Virtual Station has a lot of information to upload to our servers. Regarding logs, our devs can check the logs for your Sesame and Virtual Station if you provide us with your Sesame account email address. When checking the log it is helpful to have specific days and times of the issue so our devs can match them up with the logs. However, as mentioned previously, we don’t currently have the bandwidth for both Virtual Station and Wi-Fi Access Point, so it may be a while before we can tackle this issue.

Virtual Station is a beta app created as a temporary stop-gap solution so we could test remote access while we work on the Wi-Fi Access Point. The Wi-Fi Access Point is currently our number one priority as a product we promised to our backers and customers. Virtual Station was made available to our beta testers so they could test remote access as well, but it’s not a polished product and we don’t currently have the resources to make it so. That said, we are very interested in developing Virtual Station into a full-fledged app with more features further down the line. We are incredibly excited about the functions and features we can add to Virtual Station so that it can be more than just a Wi-Fi Access Point stand-in, and we can’t wait to devote more resources to the app later this year. For the time being, though, all of our time and energy is going to the Wi-Fi Access Point. We’re sorry to hear you are not interested but hope you will change your mind when more information is available - we know the delay has been long, but based on our in-house and beta tests, we’re confident that the final product will perform beautifully.

Thanks for your response, we understand and we will be sure to let you know when our devs get a chance to fix the delays and issues with manual lock/unlock. We’d love to feature your work on our website! - CANDY HOUSE