Allow for longer auto-lock delays


Please allow the auto-lock delay to exceed 4 minutes. When Sesame is set up so that it can unlock by geofence (such as with QSesame or the newer HomeBridge plug-in, or for when you add HomeKit support), you will often need a longer delay so that you can park and get inside before the auto-lock occurs. But even when relying on the app as is, it is not uncommon to want to walk out and do some chore that takes a short while and not have the auto-lock occur. So, I suggest allowing quite long times to accommodate whatever people might need. Possibly up to a few hours, but I suggest that the maximum delay should not be any less than one-half hour.



Thanks for your feedback! This is on our list of feature requests and we’re aware some users are very interested in this feature. For the time being we’ve kept the auto-lock interval short due to security concerns but will be looking at expanding the time in the future. In the meantime, if your Sesame is linked to a Wi-Fi Access Point, you may be able to use IFTTT or the API to set up your own auto-lock rules. Hope that helps! - CANDY HOUSE